Investment Banking Cover Letter: Tips and Examples

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In this article, we look at how to write an investment banking cover letter with original examples to help you write yours.

If you’re interested in banking you must be good with numbers! Keep reading for the 4 steps to writing a good cover letter and 5 tips to make your cover letter stand out (yes, you should name-drop).

We have included 3 sample cover letters for an internship, an analyst role and a new job in investment management.

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What is an investment banking cover letter?

It’s a document written to accompany your resume when applying for a job in the financial sector. The objective is to briefly explain why you are the best candidate for the role, as well as to highlight your relevant skills and experience.

A standard investment banking cover letter contains three main components: an introduction, experience & fit, and a conclusion.

What are the 4 steps on how to write an investment banking cover letter?

Step 1: Explain how you fit the role

You need to identify the key skills and qualities the company is looking for and be able to explain how your experience and skills match these.

Explain your background, class year, and the job you’re applying to. If you’ve talked to any of the bank’s employees, name-drop them to show you’ve done your homework.

Finally, mention some of the skills and qualifications necessary for the role and explain how you possess them. This is the opportunity to explain in detail what experience you have and why it makes you a good fit for the role.

Overall, cover letters are an opportunity to go into detail about your experience and qualifications to show why you are an excellent candidate for the job.

Step 2: Show how your experience matches what they are looking for

Link your experience and skills directly to the position, and explain how they will help you excel in the role.

Mention any work experience (paid, unpaid or voluntary) that may be of interest to potential employers.

Focus on the positive results and outcomes you have achieved in similar situations in the past.

Step 3: Showcase your achievements

Use accomplishment statements to quantify your achievements. Include data that demonstrates your past successes and back up your claims with details that demonstrate your knowledge.

Highlight information such as your GPA and GMAT score.

Step 4: Give a Call To Action

When writing an investment banking cover letter, you should conclude it with a Call to Action (CTA) directed at the hiring manager. End your cover letter on a positive note by leaving the hiring manager wanting more.

Keep your sign-off short and succinct. Be sure to also include your contact information, such as your phone number and email.

Say how passionate you are to work at the bank, and how well you fit with their culture. Be sure to include your contact information and say you hope for the opportunity to discuss the role further (this means an interview).

You may say something such as, “I look forward to the potential of an interview to hear more about your analyst program” or “I am eager to expand on these ideas during the interview.”

Tips for writing effective cover letters for investment banking jobs

1. Include information about the position you are applying for

I am writing to apply for the post of….

This makes sure your application is not mixed up and goes to the right hiring manager.

Top tip – including the position you are applying for in the header of your cover letter helps to ensure that the recruiter knows exactly which role you are interested in, as well as making it easier for them to contact you quickly if they are impressed by your application.

2. Explain why you are interested in the position

  • Step 1: Introduce yourself and explain where you are currently working or studying.
  • Step 2: Explain why you are interested in a position in investment banking.

I am interested in a position in investment banking because I have a passion for finance and believe my analytical and problem-solving skills can be put to good use in this sector. Additionally, I am keen to work in a collaborative environment, where I can help find innovative solutions to complex financial problems. I am also especially interested in learning about the latest software and tools used to analyze financial data post-Brexit.

  • Step 3: Name-drop as much as possible.

I was inspired to apply for a position in investment banking after attending a Deutsche Bank ‘RISE’ programme and speaking to a few people in the industry. I have also recently connected with a few people on LinkedIn including Mary Dalton from your Paris office and attended a webinar she led last month to better understand the financial world and the opportunities available in it. I am confident that my knowledge and experience in the sector will be an asset to the ABC team.

4. Mention any languages you speak

This can help demonstrate your commitment to learning and be beneficial to your application. This can demonstrate to the employer that you have the versatility and adaptability necessary to work in an international setting.

Most importantly, if you have knowledge of a language which is used in the company’s operations, this could be a huge advantage and demonstrate your value to the organisation. Language proficiency can also show that you are capable of learning a different language in the future which makes you a more valuable employee for an overseas or international posting.

5. Mention any achievements you have had – using figures

This helps to demonstrate the value you can bring to the employer. This provides data that illustrate your achievements, such as a 20% return on a portfolio, or working on a high-impact project or deal.

By including this information in your cover letter, you can present yourself as a knowledgeable and ambitious candidate who has the potential to make a significant contribution to the company.

Examples of cover letters for investment banking jobs

Example 1 – Cover Letter to Apply for an Internship

Dear [Recruiter’s Name],

I am writing to apply for the Investment Analyst Intern role at ABC Bank that I heard about at the NYU careers fair. As a final year economics student, I am excited to take the next step in my development and gain experience in the investment banking industry.

Throughout my academic career, I have demonstrated a passion for economics and finance, achieving A grades throughout. I have also gained experience in the field by completing an insights programme at Blazers Bank and a high school work experience placement at John Soames Investors. More recently, I have supported younger students with successful applications to those programs as I believe it’s always important to pay it forward.

I am an active team player who is eager to learn and contribute to ABC Bank. I am confident that my excellent academic record and financial and economic analysis skills will be an asset to your organization.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and discussing my application further.

Thank you for your consideration.


[Your Name]

Example 2 – Cover Letter to Apply for an Analyst Position

Dear (Hiring Manager),

I am writing to apply for the Investment Banking Analyst position, as advertised on LinkedIn. I am confident that I have the skills and experience necessary to excel in the role and make a positive contribution to the team in Washington D.C.

My qualifications include a degree in Financial Mathematics, with a minor in accounting. I have strong quantitative skills, as well as excellent communication abilities. I have also gained experience as a student assistant, which has exposed me to office ethics, as well as useful skills such as team building and leadership. I am a planner by nature and I am comfortable working with projects that involve heavy time management and task coordination, and very much enjoyed working towards my Prince2 project management qualifications.

I am very enthusiastic about this opportunity and would be delighted to have the chance to discuss my application further. I have attached my resume and I thank you for your consideration.


[Your Name]

Example 3 – Cover Letter to Apply for a Position in Investment Management

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./(hiring manager),

I am writing to apply for the position of Junior Investment Manager at Radfords, as advertised on GH Recruiting. I am confident that my qualifications, experience and enthusiasm make me a perfect fit for the role.

I hold a Master’s degree in Finance and am a Chartered Financial Analyst. I have several years of experience in the financial sector and have worked on a wide range of investment management projects. My experience includes portfolio management, asset allocation, and financial analysis. I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and am comfortable working with colleagues and clients from a variety of backgrounds. It was a pleasure to be able to work with Joy and Terry on your investment management team recently at the Global Index Fund workshop in February.

Please find my resume attached. I am confident that I am the best candidate for the Investment Manager position and I would be grateful for the opportunity to speak to you further about my application.


[Your Name]

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Some of these questions were already covered in this blog post but I will still list them here (because not everyone carefully reads every paragraph) so here’s the TL;DR version

What do I need to include in an investment banking cover letter?

An investment banking cover letter should include the following components:

  • Introduction: In this section, you should quickly grab the reader’s attention by introducing yourself, your school, major, GPA and explain how you came to apply for this position.
  • Experience & Fit: Here, you should describe the relevant experience that makes you an ideal candidate for the bank to hire. This can include work experience, university clubs/associations, certification programs, or other activities. Additionally, explain why you’re a good fit for the firm by connecting your experience to investment banking skills such as financial modelling and valuation.
  • Conclusion: Finally, wrap things up by repeating how keen you are to work at the bank, why you’re well-suited, and pointing out that you’ve enclosed your resume and are reachable at your contact information to discuss the opportunity.

How should I format my investment banking cover letter?

First, check the application instructions. If there are no specific format guidelines, try the following:

  1. Use the 3-paragraph layout—with bullet points or without.
  2. Set your margins at one inch.
  3. Left-align all parts of your cover letter and single-space your lines.
  4. Write a 1-page cover letter.
  5. Use the same cover letter font in your CV.
  6. Proofread your cover letter for any typos.
  7. Make sure to include the following 6 sections in your cover letter format for investment banking positions:
    • Letter header
    • Salutation
    • Introduction paragraph
    • Body paragraph(s)
    • Closing paragraph
    • Signature

Following these simple steps will ensure that your investment banking cover letter is well-formatted, professional, and ready to make an impression on potential employers.

What kind of qualifications should I highlight in my investment banking cover letter?

  • Quantitative and analytical ability: the ability to make sound and logical decisions based on data and research.
  • Result-oriented mindset: the ability to think strategically and find creative solutions to challenges.
  • Leadership skills: the ability to influence, motivate, and inspire others.

What should I do if I don’t have relevant experience for an investment banking job?

Don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere and you may have other skills that they are interested in.

Firstly, focus on your education and training. Have you taken any courses or undertaken any training related to investments or banking? If so, highlight this in your cover letter.

Secondly, think of any transferrable skills you may have acquired from other jobs or extracurricular activities.

Thirdly, consider any extracurricular activities that might be useful. Do you manage your university’s endowment? Or, have you competed in any major stock pitch competitions or case competitions?

Finally, consider taking as many online classes relating to the sector as you can – this shows you are motivated to learn by yourself and this is the kind of positive attitude they are looking for.

Good luck!

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