From Classics to Contemporary: 100 Thought-Provoking Literature Trivia Questions to Unleash Your Inner Reader!

In this article, we discuss literature trivia questions from classics to contemporary.

Let’s start a quest! Exploring the world of literature is our goal. Here are 100 thought-provoking trivia questions that challenge our knowledge and inner reader. From classics to contemporary works, these questions will ignite your curiosity and test your literary prowess.

We’re off on a literary adventure! Discovering details about famous authors, their creations, and all the themes in each masterpiece. We can immerse ourselves in words and ideas, travelling through eras and cultures with storytelling.

Unlocking secrets in these trivia questions, we’ll find out fascinating things about Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, and Ernest Hemingway. From beloved novels to poetic verses, every question takes us deeper into the intricacies of literary composition.

To make the most of this interactive experience, have a reading list with classic and contemporary titles. Reading fiction from different periods and genres helps us understand literary techniques and broaden our horizons.

Form a book club or join an online community for literature discussions. Exchange insights and recommendations with fellow readers in a dynamic environment.

Embrace literature as a way to grow and be stimulated. Expand your perspectives while enjoying captivating narratives. Let this collection of literature trivia be your guide, as you journey through time and imagination with the power of storytelling.

What is literature trivia?

Literature trivia is a collection of interesting and captivating questions all about literature. It tests readers’ expertise and helps them discover new facts and insights. It features questions about famous works, authors, genres, themes, and literary devices. It also encourages critical thinking and allows readers to compete with one another.

Furthermore, readers can use literature trivia to deepen their reading experiences. A fun fact: The oldest known written story is ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh’, dating back to 2000 BCE in Mesopotamia. It discusses themes like friendship, mortality, and eternal life.

Benefits of playing literature trivia

Literature trivia offers many great advantages! Let’s explore them:

  1. Boosts knowledge – It helps you learn more about authors, works, and movements. Plus, you can find hidden gems.
  2. Enhances critical thinking – You can analyze characters, themes, and techniques. It sharpens your analytical skills and helps you view literature from multiple angles.
  3. Improves memory retention – Recalling book details while playing games exercises your memory. This can help you remember other things too.
  4. Inspires reading diversity – It covers many genres and time periods, which can lead to you trying new things.
  5. Fosters social interaction – You can connect with fellow bookworms and have discussions.

Also, it’s an entertaining way to engage with books. So grab a cuppa and some bookworm buddies and go on a literary quest!

Pro Tip: Create a reading list based on the topics covered during the game. This will give you a roadmap for further exploration.

Classic literature trivia questions

Test your literary knowledge with these classic literature trivia questions! Who wrote “Pride and Prejudice”? Where does “A Tale of Two Cities” take place? What’s the opening line of “The Great Gatsby”? Who said “To be or not to be, that is the question”?

Delve deeper into the world of literature! Discover hidden connections between authors, their works, and the times in which they wrote them.

Explore lesser-known facts about classic literature. Immerse yourself in a thought-provoking world of literary wonders! Ignite your passion for reading with these captivating trivia questions. Challenge yourself and unlock the secrets of timeless classics!

Contemporary literature trivia questions

Unlock a new world of contemporary literature with these tantalising trivia questions. From authors to novels, test your knowledge and explore the works of modern writers. For instance, did you know J.K. Rowling has a secret pen name? Robert Galbraith is the pseudonym she uses to write crime novels, adding another layer to her impressive oeuvre.


  • Who penned the best-selling novel “The Girl on the Train”?
  • When did George Orwell publish his dystopian novel “1984”?
  • Which writer won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2017?
  • What is the title of Margaret Atwood’s sequel to “The Handmaid’s Tale”?
  • Who wrote “Never Let Me Go” and “The Remains of the Day”?

Dig into the depths of contemporary literature with these intriguing trivia questions. Unlock the secrets of modern writers and discover how they are shaping the literary landscape. Immerse yourself in these captivating stories and explore the fascinating realm of literature!

Thought-provoking literature trivia questions

Dive into the world of literature with these thought-provoking trivia questions! Discover classic and contemporary works. Here are five points to explore:

  1. Literary Themes – Explore ideas authors present in their works. From love to power dynamics.
  2. Iconic Characters – Meet unforgettable figures who capture readers’ hearts. From Elizabeth Bennet to Atticus Finch.
  3. Author Trivia – Uncover facts about renowned authors. Discover their inspirations, processes, and experiences.
  4. Plot Twists – Uncover unexpected turns in narratives. From revelations to reversals of fortune.
  5. Symbolism & Imagery – Examine symbolism and imagery used to convey deeper meanings.

To make the most of the experience, here are some suggestions:

  1. Join Book Clubs or Online Communities.
  2. Research Authors’ Backgrounds.
  3. Analyze Literary Devices.
  4. Explore Different Genres.
  5. Participate in Literary Events.

Embark on a journey of intellectual discovery with thought-provoking literature trivia questions! Gather some fellow readers and let the exploration begin!

How to use the trivia questions effectively

Make the most of trivia questions to supercharge your reading experience and test your literary knowledge. Here’s a three-step guide:

  1. Reflect on yourself. Think about your reading interests and knowledge. This helps you pick trivia questions that match your expertise.
  2. Learn more about the literature. Select your questions, then dive into the books or authors. Refresh your memory and understand themes, characters, and plots.
  3. Challenge yourself and others. Have a trivia session with fellow book-lovers or do a solo quiz. Stimulate conversations and debates about literature while assessing your know-how.

By following this guide, you can make the most of these literature trivia questions and ignite your passion for reading.

Pro Tip: Take notes while reading the literature associated with each question. This will help you remember key details and serve as a reference for future discussions.


These questions have definitely sparked your inner reader. They have tested your knowledge and made you curious about classic and modern works.

You may have found some literature gems that interest you. You may have also realized how a single writing can last throughout time and keep readers captivated.

You may have thought about different themes, characters, and settings. This thinking process helps us appreciate the written word more. It also develops our critical thinking and broadens our outlook.

Nurture your love for literature by joining book clubs or online reading communities. Here, like-minded individuals have conversations about their favourite works. This helps us understand more and gain new perspectives.

Challenge yourself by reading genres or complex works outside of your comfort zone. This gives you a bigger literary range and lets you engage with various ideas and writing styles.

Seek recommendations from people, librarians, or reliable book reviews. This introduces us to authors we may have not known and leads us to new literary experiences.

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